Saturday, December 22, 2012

Air Travel - Enjoy Air Travel with Babies / Children

Young people air travel is not required, it is a stressful experience. Here are some unique tips that will help you make it through the trip.

Scheduling a trip to the NAP / sleep.
If possible, your child usually sleeps during the day or night, to book flights directly. In all likelihood, you will continue mode, though 25,000 feet in the air asleep. Each sleeping on the plane, work time, they get drunk, be declared unacceptable.

Car Seat on the Plane?
When our daughter was a baby, we chose only to save money, buy a seat, which means that it takes a time-of-flight (s) on our laps. In recent times, we have taken steps to do two very important things: editing our laps, and weapons, as well as car seats, seat. Also familiar with the new automotive transportation / - a little slice of family life in a new place. Yes, it is frustrating to have to endure sitting near the airport, but the plane returned value. Adaptors to convert car seat to go one step further sales, in a backpack, which can help you manage your portable plug.

Managing the Flight
A simple and effective way to manage your account on the expertise, aircraft suitable for children - (S) is to break the trip down, the spirit, for a period of 20 minutes (to borrow long-term aviation). Therefore, the flight 21/2, if you have time, you really only 7 minutes 20 setting department and occupy the time your child (or children). If you want you into the event on a relatively restrained. Here are some tips, trip occupies part of the entertainment, your children, to give you time to carefully read the SkyMall catalog shopping centers, rather than a suitcase full of toys at the station on the idea of ​​the mother and assays.

(Remember: every idea should occupy no more than 20 minutes, on top is a bonus!):

* With and / or poster - ordinary tape can be a little load long fun. The same sticky rolling circle and they insist on the nose, nose, fingers ... just old-fashioned fun with ribbon 2 inches.

Magna Doodle (Travel) - a classic game that kids still enjoy modern. (Note: You may very depressed young they cannot be independent, will also remove the tab, clear the screen will be difficult to not decrease)

* A player Discman / CD portable - if you do not have a collection of old dust, they can be relatively cheap in the iPod age. This is perfect if your child has a special CD stuck at the moment (or, if you are guilty of one of their favorite songs on the CD combination).

Never use a portable CD player before the novelty of the device, with music, I really liked you in two parts only classical music works of the ears, round pillow, it is located on the outer surface of the ear, and be sure to maintain a low level, the use of headphone volume child-size earphones?

* New game or book (nothing special, just a brand new item, he)

* Flag Colors Crayola magic (innovative products, not only will write crayon on paper) - this is our favorite. Not all, of the futility of it did not smell toxic markers. The highlight of the signs, silly kid nails a huge extension. In fact, if your kids, like us, hats, just a part of their own.

* Favorite book (s) - (usually sleep book, which is necessary if your trip will include a nap or bedtime).

* Brochure books for older babies / young children / city guide website. Allowing and encouraging your child to plan your day, plan to use the material, so the directors over a period of time (if you feel comfortable / have enough time), visits to museums and other conventions examples.
It is not only occupied a lot of time, but I hope to have the opportunity to become a coach and decision-makers. Enabling them to participate in planning the trip will also increase the opportunity to enjoy themselves to go with the things you want to do (Dirar support).

The youngest member of your family, as part of the conversation, so they are happy and interested, we'll see booklet for use during the holidays.

Crack popular unit (height processing, and the emergence of the ears)
There is no doubt that the pack of their favorite beverage and snacks on the plane. Not only will limited to the eating and drinking of ownership, but also a way to reduce the impact of air pressure, their ears. Drink or chew, do not feel the pressure of expectations is not comfortable, at the same time take-off and landing.

Enjoy your trip!